Health Benefits of Online Casinos

Published September 26, 2004 by OCR Editor

Health Benefits of Online Casinos

A recent study done at Yale University in the US indicates that people 65 and older that participate in online casino gambling for recreational purposes actually appear to be healthier than people their same age who don't. This may just be one more point

A fascinating study has been done by the Yale University on the subject of gambling and its effects on those who participate. In reference to both land based and online casino gambling, the study has found, through a number of recent interviews, that older people who gamble for recreational purposes, appear to be healthier than those who do not gamble at all. The study was done among people aged 65 or over. The survey concludes in the end that the people in this age category who gamble simply appear to be in better health than those who do not.

Rani Desai, an epidemiologist at Yale, has affirmed that more studies will need to be done on the topic, but that initial results of the test are showing that gambling as a hobby can have a positive effect on the older segments of the population. The final conclusion is that the benefits may exist in the social aspects associated with gambling. Occasional visits to online casinos and land based casinos in order to play a few hands of poker games or a visit to the local bingo hall are all positive activities for older people.

Desai explained, 'There's this whole concept of healthy aging -- that folks who continue to remain engaged in activity, especially in the community and in social activities, stay healthier longer, so I think this is a reflection of that."

The results of this study have been somewhat surprising to the researchers, who initially believed that they would find the exact opposite findings from such a study and that the actual results were unexpected. The aspect of gambling which occupies the mind, keeping it active, can also be an important factor to the end results, an aspect of gambling which could prove very important to older people. Therefore, the conclusion is that partaking in occasional, recreational gambling, be it social based or even at an online casino, would also have a beneficial affect for the 65 plus age group. Yale's university intends to research this study further to see what other interesting facts may stem from this conclusion.

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