Help Find the Best Payouts

Published February 15, 2007 by OCR Editor

Help Find the Best Payouts

The online casino industry is so big, with over 2,000 online casinos and enormous sums of money being rolled around, that everybody needs some help and guidance.

This sought after assistance can be found, most often, at the online casino portals. These satellite gambling sites, sort of speak, offer reviews, tips, updates and other relevant information that helps gamblers find their hands and legs. But they offer more than just general and background information. A new feature at one online casino portal has a tracking system that alerts its members of the best payouts in the business in real time.

The online casino portal has been re-launched recently with new design and new features, among them this above mentioned gambler-friendly alert. As online casino sites constantly change and update their games selection, featured promotions, prize amounts and payouts, the portal makes the dirty work of keeping on top of the changes and offering a small window at the bottom of the screen with alerts. No excuses not to find the best payouts of the day with this fine service.

The notifications are offered via small window on the screen, but can also be sent over email or by phone, even in text message forms. The idea of being away from the computer and still getting real time notification of an extraordinary online casino deal or especially high payout is brilliant. In no time is this tracker expected to be featured at other sites and portals for more gamblers to enjoy. Currently, however, it is the only online casino portal to offer such service. Here is to one portal that is willing to do the hard work in finding the best payouts for its members! And here is to other online casino portals to follow suit!

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