High 5 Games Hits Pay Dirt with Goldstruck Slot

Published December 6, 2019 by Brett C

High 5 Games Hits Pay Dirt with Goldstruck Slot

Goldstruck is the latest mining-themed slot from legendary playmakers High 5 Games. This daring adventure unfolds at breakneck speed in a rickety old goldmine!

Goldstruck slot game is the wildest adventure yet from High 5 Games. This game plays out on a 5x5 grid with 50 paylines of relentless action. Goldstruck slot lights up players’ screens in a frenzy of entertainment. Thanks to a unique wild-train feature, players get to blaze a trail through deep, dark tunnels on a wobbly old mine train that weaves its way along a treacherous path, barreling ahead into jackpot central.

Fill Your Carts with Precious Gold

Players are tasked with filling up their wooden carts with as many gemstones as possible. The wild train feature is activated once the golden nugget and the mining cart appear simultaneously. Players get to watch the train rapidly making its way towards the nuggets, and then collecting these golden nuggets with an oversized drilling device as it moves wildly across the reels. Players will be able to rack up golden nuggets during the game, and displayed on the win meter.

The artificial intelligence-powered promotional engine at High 5 Gaming ensures customization options aplenty, and many exciting promotional offers too. Players’ individual behavior is monitored by the AI engine, helping High 5 Gaming to better understand their game play. Goldstruck slot has now been rolled out to some 200+ operators across the H5G network.

Responsible Gaming Advisory

As a responsible gaming operator, High 5 Games has put all the necessary safety features in place to ensure that players are safe and secure on the roller-coaster ride into jackpot central. Developers believe that Goldstruck is certainly onto something, players are rocking out like never before. Nonetheless, safe first. Players are advised to set a slots budget and stick to it. You should never borrow money to gamble with, and it's always best to quit while you're at it.

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