High Costs Drive Odobo out of Business

Florin P. - June 2, 2016

Odobo closes shop, unable to cope with the high cost of business.

Even the best things eventually come to an end, leaving nothing more than good memories behind. For five straight years, Odobo has provided online casinos with quality software and great looking games compatible with mobile devices. That is why, when the news broke out about the software developer shutting down, many were surprised and even more were disappointed to see them go for good.

Money Makes the World Go Round

Odobo made a name for itself by producing HTML 5 games for online casinos, since 2011 when they opened shop. They had an interesting idea and set high goals for themselves, to revolutionize the way casino games are created, distributed and marketed. Online gambling operators embraced their products and millions of players enjoyed these games, in both real and virtual money formats.

Odobo officials announced that the company was unable to keep up with the rising costs and had no choice but to shut down on May 31st. Financial problems arose in 2015, but they were hoping that their fortunes will change and a mighty investor will arrive just in time to save the company. Unfortunately, this didn’t happen and with the resources almost extinguished, they have to bid their customers goodbye.

Odobo Provided Games to Major Online Casinos

Bet365, Betfair, Gala Coral Group, Unibet and Mr Green Casino are just some of the most prominent gambling operators using games produced by Odobo. The fact that a software developer catering for clients of this magnitude can be driven out of business by high costs is sending shivers down the spine of their peers.

Many will be affected by the fact that Odobo couldn’t deal with the cost-related challenges, including key clients and partners. The fast changing regulatory environment also took its toll, as the company needed a significant influx of capital to survive.



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