High Time for 30 Ball Bingo

Published May 3, 2010 by OCR Editor

High Time for 30 Ball Bingo

It's time to pick up the pace with speed bingo.

As far as online bingo gaming goes, there is no faster game than this latest addition to mix - 30 ball bingo. Bingo is revered world-wide as the game that is big on community and even bigger on bonuses and promotions. Luckily for fans of the rapid-pace speed bingo, nothing much has changed.

Understanding speed bingo gaming

This game like its 75, 80 and 90-ball bingo variants makes use of all of bingo's fun-filled gaming aspects and speeds up the delivery of the game. Only 30 random numbers are called out and bingo players need to cover all 9 bingo numbers on their cards.

Unlike other varieties of the game where the wait time is significant, this game is all over before you know it. Therein lies the beauty of speed bingo - more games can be enjoyed every hour than ever before.

Popular bingo rooms sporting this game

Typically online bingo rooms are a little slow to react to news of a brand-new gaming sensation. Luckily 30-ball bingo is rapidly making its rounds in bingo gaming circles. This fast-paced game can be enjoyed at the following bingo rooms:

Titan Bingo

888 Ladies bingo

More players = bigger jackpots

This game is catching on like wildfire in the UK and the USA, undoubtedly because it's so much fun. And contrary to the belief that its brevity precludes a fun-gaming environment - it actually increases interpersonal communication, because everyone is so excited.  A more rapid turnaround time between games invariably means that players have more chances to win.

In this variant of bingo, players are able to manage a great many 30-ball bingo cards too. That translates into many more satisfied winners at the close of play. Presently there is only one pattern which determines the winner - a full house on the bingo card. And with only 9 squares to fill, would bingo players have it any other way.

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