Holland has Hard time with Online Gambling

Published September 18, 2008 by OCR Editor

Holland has Hard time with Online Gambling

They allow the smoking of marijuana in their parks, and hand out needles to drug addicts in their pharmacies, but apparently the Dutch are not so liberal with online gambling.

Who would have thought that Holland, out of all of the Europeans countries would be one to slap taxes onto online gambling operators? This is a result of directives from the new, expanded, and mighty European Union which has set a crusade against monopolies of this kind in their community.

Holland is now set to launch legislation that would post heavy taxes onto online gambling companies. This is not always a bad thing, provided the money is invested in the industry itself, but that is not the case here, where the taxes are considered to be punitive. It would appear that the Dutch just have a hard time with the gambling ethos.

However, the punishment won't be meted out to the companies directly, but to the gambling public, as the taxes would actually target gamblers' winnings provided those sites were located outside of Holland. This anti-monopoly move essentially strengthens the position of casinos inside Holland proper, which is something the EU is trying to avoid.

In addition, the Holland government is in the process of stopping specific companies from operating inside their country. Two of these companies are called Oranje Casino and Unibet. The Dutch are using every means in their power to damage these companies, including moves against the online payment engines that support the gambling companies' activities.

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