Hot and Cold Games at BETAT Casino

Published October 6, 2015 by Florin P

Hot and Cold Games at BETAT Casino

Hot and Cold Games at BETAT Casino keep track of the best paying slot machines by monitoring the RTP figures.

BETAT Casino has an impressive collection of slot machines and its members are encouraged to go over all these titles. Those who don’t like the idea of randomly testing the games and prefer a more coherent approach, will find the innovative concept of Hot and Cold Games much to their liking. These games are a welcome innovation to online casinos and are likely to be embraced by other gambling operators.

What Are Hot and Cold Games?

When they spin the reels of slot machines, players are competing against the random number generator and the house edge. The return on investment differs depending on games and genres, with BETAT having some of the best RTP percentage at almost 98%. This acronym stands for return to player and is the average rate at which the slot machine will return the investment.

It is also used to distinguish between hot and cold games, by monitoring the rate at which they have been paying over the last three hours. Those games that have been paying about their theoretical return to player ratio are hot games, while the ones that are yet to deliver expected results are cold games.

How to Tackle Hot and Cold Games?

BETAT provides the figures that players need to have at their disposal to distinguish between hot and cold games. It is the latter who decide how to use this information, as there are two possible ways to proceed, depending on the player’s expectations. Those who are optimistic in the ability of hot games to keep up the excellent returns can focus on the games that pay above their theoretical RTP.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, are gamblers who expect the payouts to even out in the long run, therefore prefer cold games. In theory, if you play long enough it is only a matter of time until the return to player ratio will be reached and the games will return to the expected values.

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