Hot Games vs Cold Games at BETAT

Published September 8, 2013 by OCR Editor

Hot Games vs Cold Games at BETAT

Find out the hot games to bet on and the ones that have cooled off for awhile.

BETAT online casino is one of the brands that should be on your top ten list because they sure are on ours.  Since their establishment in 2011 they have continued to improve on their already stellar platform and now, yet again, have shown why they are one of the best online casinos in the business.

The practice of transparency is something many players wish was an everyday thing with their favorite brand but that is not always the case.  BETAT recently updated and re-designed their entire website and have added a few innovative items to improve their transparency to their dedicated players.

Bonus Meter

There are certain bonuses that can end quite abruptly without giving notice to players before-hand.  There are other times that players don't know exactly what money they are wagering with, whether their own or part of the bonus money they received. BETAT has made this a thing of the past with their all new Bonus Meter which offers a real-time analysis of all your bonuses and promotions including how much time is left before it ends and the RTP or Return to Player on every single game. The newest innovation that BETAT has provided the world with is their new Hot or Cold feature.

Sometimes You're Hot!

It is definitely a good thing if you know in advance exactly which games are "Hot" or paying out above their average, or "Cold", paying out below their average and BETAT has a new way of tracking exactly this.  Players can now check out the new Hot or Cold feature which gives an exact analysis of Hot games for the past 3 hours or the Cold games paying out below their average for the last 20 hours. Vital information for any serious player.

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