Hottest Oscar Odds

Published January 23, 2008 by OCR Editor

Hottest Oscar Odds

A month and a day away, the odds of the Oscars event taking place are high. These are the odds for the event's actual winners and losers.

In spite of the ongoing Writers Guild of American strike, Hollywood is keeping with preparations to the Oscars. With it, online gambling sites are offering their odds on the event's winners.

The Oscars is planned to take place on February 24, one month from tomorrow. The WGA strike has been going on since November 5, 2007. It will likely affect the event, with the threat of a picket line yet to be removed, and a lack of writers for the ceremony itself all but certain.

We might even see top nominees boycotting the ceremony if the acrimony between producers and writers continues. If picketed, the film industry stars are not expected to cross the line. Director Michael Moore, nominated for his documentary "Sicko, said I won't cross the picket line and, frankly, no one I know will cross the picket line".

But the conversation has switched from the strike to the likely Oscar nominees. Now with the announcement of the Academy Award nominations, it is all about Who Will Win.

Enter the online odds makers.

There are a few obvious picks, which receive the appropriate top odds. These are No Country For Old Men, for best movie, which faces even odds by some bookmakers. Following close behind it with 2-1 and 3-1 odds is Atonement.

Country's directors, 1997 winners, brothers Joel and Ethan Coen also face even odds as favorites.

Daniel Day Lewis (in There Will Be Blood) is a clear leader in the best male actor category, with odds makers nearly unanimous in their support of him. His competition is still considerable, elating him at 9-2 odds. Day Lewis will have to beat Johnny Depp, George Clooney, Viggo Mortensen and Tommy Lee Jones.

The decline of the Hollywood empire and the rise of free movie download on the web did not change the fact that the Oscars remain the largest draw for entertainment betting online.

Some sites (e.g. Bodog) limit the wager to $50, keeping it minor and exciting, no grand jackpot to be won. Still sites expect a great turnover, as William Hill spokesman said it might reach $500,000 in Oscar bets this year.

Noteworthy also is Cate Blanchett as bob Dylan in I'm Not There, not only for her excellent chances to win the best supporting actress award, but also for across the boards excellent role.

The US law forbids betting on events that are known before they are announced. The sites that offer the odds are mainly located in Europe, Costa Rica and Antigua. In England, this is a legit practice, and an exciting one at that.

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