How Can Africa Better Its Online Affiliate Presence?

Published October 10, 2018 by Sol FH

How Can Africa Better Its Online Affiliate Presence?

The Managing Director of Best Sports Betting Media talks about how Africa can better its online affiliate presence ahead of the 6th BiG Africa SuperShow.

Leading up to the 6th Annual BiG Africa SuperShow, Eventus International, producers of the annual event, got in touch with Mr. Robert Koning, Managing Director of Best Sports Betting, a leading online guide for online sports betting. With the conference being on March 25-26 of 2019 in Johannesburg, this interview was a great precursor of what's to come. Koning hit home with many of his answers and gave some tips to up and coming affiliates that wish to improve their presence in the online industry

Koning has taken progressive steps in the world of affiliates in Africa. He believes that affiliate sites in Africa are ten years behind and there is a lot of improvement and modernization that must be done. This would greatly boost online gaming in Africa as it has in other regions around the world. Africa requires more industry-focused blogs and better SEO work altogether. Even bookmakers need to modernize and focus their digital marketing on targeting their players much more. 

Is Social Media the Answer?

According to Koning, social media is a must for any online marketing plan. It helps affiliates and operators to feel their community and member base. There are issues with platforms like Facebook, which tends to shut certain pages down (including Konings'), but to connect with players, Twitter is the best bet. 

Using Twitter for real discussions about online gaming is a great way to get people involved. Another way that may be utilized more in the future for online and live in-play betting is Whatsapp and other instant messaging tools. There are major logistics issues when using Whatsapp for betting, and it can only be useful at the current time for VIP punters. 

With the BiG Africa summit coming in approx. 4.5 months, Koning looks at the conference as a great place to connect, discuss, and learn about the biggest trends in online gaming and gambling. 


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