How the Online Gambling Community Benefits from ChatGPT and Machine Learning

Shane. - April 20, 2023
How the Online Gambling Community Benefits from ChatGPT and Machine Learning

Join us as we take a deeper look at how ChatGPT and other forms of AI and machine learning can be used to make online gambling safer, more enjoyable, and offer a more personalised experience.

With the revolutionary development of ChatGPT, the role of artificial intelligence and machine learning is a hot topic of debate in just about every industry on the planet. The online casino and sports betting industries are no different. Join us as we look at seven ways large language model software like ChatGPT and other machine learning programs can make online gambling more enjoyable, safer, and deeply personalised.

What is AI and How Does it Work?

The running joke when it comes to using AI to automate different aspects of the iGaming industry is that “this is how the machines take over”, a reference to the Skynet AI in the Terminator movie franchise.

In reality, large language model tools like ChatGPT take a user’s instructions, scour the internet or whatever data set it is allowed access to, and then formulate an ideal response. The response is based on the parameters set by the person asking the question, and the answer is limited to using accessible media on that topic.

It is a more advanced version of Siri or Alexa, which most people use every day of their lives without realising it is a machine learning application. Only in this case has  “learned” to recognise a specific set of voice instructions like “What is the name of this song?” and has been integrated with online stores to purchase items upon request - a task which is becoming available to ChatGPT users through its latest updates.

How Will AI and Machine Learning Improve Gambling Online?

As we have just discussed, it is not a matter of a supercomputer running wild and picking your casino games for you. However, machine learning can be used to offer insights and recommendations on games. It could also create promotional offers and suggest when to take a break based on your actions at the moment. With its computing ability and access to the correct data, it can do this in seconds versus a person who may take days to devise the same plan.

Here are our top 7 ways in which we believe AI will benefit you:

1. Personalised Service

One of the things that players fear when it comes to any machine-driven process is that it will begin to feel artificial, void of any personality. With the advancements in the sector, you will receive tailor-made bonuses, promotions, festive announcements, and greetings for days that mean something to you – not just your birthday.

There is also the option to have a casino host who can be optimised to meet your tastes in terms of personality, accent, and look. Want to be greeted by Sean Connery speaking in his beloved Scottish brogue when you sign into your favourite online casino – with AI, it is possible.

2. Casino Game Recommendations:

When it comes to finding the right online slot or progressive casino game, it is possible to spend more time trying new titles than playing the ones you enjoy.

Currently, most of the recommended games in an online casino are based on surface-level identifiers like broad theme, if it offers a jackpot and the RTP. That is, if any intelligence is applied at all, and it isn't just a list of the latest games the operator added to their library.

With the vast processing and reviewing power of machine learning, the tool can sort through the thousands of new games and provide a list of releases that meet your actual gameplay preferences in terms of setting, theme, art style, in-game music, dialect and more. You would also have the option to reject or approve these recommendations allowing the system to optimise its suggestions in future better.

3. Bankroll Management Advice:

We all know there is no guaranteed way to win when playing games of chance. There are, however, optimal ways to play that put you in the best position to make the most out of your time playing a game and your current bankroll.

With an AI gambling tool, you can receive live advice on how best to maximise your bankroll and position yourself to gain the most advantage possible on any given game. With machine learning able to review the requirements of a game instantly, analyse your gameplay speed, bet settings and more, it can help you extend your time at the casino and perhaps even increase your overall win rate at the same time.

4. Faster Withdrawal Processing:

Should you get lucky at the tables and profit from playing your favourite games, the next step is cashing out your winnings. Depending on your time zone and whether you hit it big over a weekend, withdrawals can take a few days. One of the most significant delays at most online casinos is the verification period, where a casino rep needs to confirm that wagering was met, that the payout was accurate and other banal daily checks.

Having an intelligent system that processes all those checks instantly will allow the casino to fast-track your withdrawal request and get it into the “release” queue within minutes rather than days.

In an ideal world, the processing of the actual withdrawal will also be managed by the AI, which would see your request processed and on route to your account within moments of hitting the button.

5. Safer Gambling Advice:

Knowing when to hold and when to fold is an old gambling adage but one that has never been more pertinent than since the launch of online gambling sites. Without a person standing in front of you suggesting you head home, it is too easy to gamble for longer than one should and to spend more money than you had budgeted for.

Regulated online casinos and sports betting venues already have tools that show you much you have wagered and have pre-set pop-ups advising you of your time online. Applying AI to this function will allow you to have an actual conversation with your digital host where they can give you meaningful insights into your behaviour, discussing unusual bet limits, erratic gameplay, and other micro changes to how you usually play that could be signs of stress, desperation or even just a lack of sleep. All of which are good reasons to take a break from gambling

6. Protecting You from Fraud:

As part of this behavioural review process, the AI could even stop any attempts to change your account information, limit deposits, and pause withdrawals until you speak to a human in the support centre. While this might sound invasive, the "abnormal behaviours" could very well be the AI picking up on someone who has fraudulently gained access to your account and acting in a way that does not align with how you gamble online.

By pausing any actions on the account which will cost you money in the long run, this form of AI intervention becomes a handy tool in stopping fraudulent deposits and withdrawals, saving time and money, and providing a sense of comfort that your player account is safe and secure.

7. Personal Data Protection:

When protecting your data online, the idea of "fighting fire with fire" makes a lot of sense. Other than using a VPN to protect your online activity and creating a unique complex password for each online site you access, there is not much more the average person can do be remain safe online.

Having an artificial intelligence whose sole task is monitoring the online casino for breach attempts, shutting out bots attempting high-volume sign-in attempts to brute force a password, and reporting on DDOS attacks while actively formulating ways to shut them down is going to be paramount to ensuring your personal and banking information remains safe and secure.



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