How Online Gambling Technological Innovations Impact the Digital Economy

Elana K. - December 3, 2022
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As the gaming industry has ideal conditions for developing and innovating new technologies, it will continue to be among the first to apply those innovations, creating case studies that are relevant to the digital economy at large.

Online and mobile casinos and sportsbooks are continually at the cutting edge of innovation. As new technologies adapt to iGaming, the industry influences others in the digital realm. In this article, we’ll outline several examples.

iGaming is considered one of the most technologically advanced industries. Its reliance on tech comes from necessity — iGaming customers demand smooth gameplay, mobile-optimized games, many banking options, the highest levels of security, and many other conveniences when playing online casino games.

The European Gaming and Betting Association states that 34% of all gaming revenue will come from internet gambling by 2025. Technological advances will, undoubtedly, make this spurt in profit possible.

Here are some current solutions in the iGaming industry and how they affect the digital environment.

  • Multifunctional solutions: Casino operators have access to platforms that include many features all in the same place, such as a user-friendly interface, affiliate network, payment methods, device sync, and more. Slotegrator’s turnkey platform is a good example of this.
  • Mobile solutions: Players today want access to mobile casinos, which is why many online casinos have mobile apps or at least a mobile-optimized site that players can access via their mobile browsers. The technology had to be developed, perfected and implemented to make this happen.
  • Intriguing design: It’s not enough to offer conveniences like user-friendliness, security, advanced payment options, etc. Today, everything needs to look great! Casinos use 3D graphics, animation, and every other aesthetic gimmick they can think of to attract and retain players.
  • Dynamic and flexible solutions: Operators require solutions that can be changed — i.e., that they can add to, detract from, or adjust in response to user demands. There is no such thing as a “cookie-cutter” solution anymore — each operator needs to customize their solution based on their audience.
  • Artificial intelligence: AI has become prevalent in the iGaming industry, particularly when it comes to chatbots and voice assistants. Customers who want help around the clock drive the development of this cutting-edge technology, and they can now receive assistance 24/7. Operators also use AI for data collection and analysis, which can help them in sales, player retention, and more.
  • Security: Players who frequent online or mobile casinos demand the highest security standards. As such, all reputable casinos use some form of SSL encryption technology and other measures to ensure that their players’ financial information is safe. Casinos also implement anti-fraud measures and privacy best practices.
  • Virtual and augmented reality: These technologies have found a welcoming home in the online gaming world, where players can use them for a more immersive experience.
  • Blockchain technology: Cryptocurrencies have been widely embraced by online casino players, who enjoy their anonymity and convenience.
  • Multiple payment methods: Today, casinos must support several payment methods to attract a wide pool of players. The ability to offer multiple payment options on one platform is due to technology that has been perfected for online casinos.
  • Cloud services: Many industries require cloud services, but this technology also has specific advantages to the iGaming industry. Cloud services allow gambling brands to store vast amounts of data about different users in regions worldwide, making it accessible with just a few clicks.

As the gaming industry has ideal conditions for developing and innovating new technologies, it will continue to be among the first to apply those innovations, creating case studies relevant to the digital business market at large.

Feedback from customers and partners is also important for casino brands and software suppliers. With this contact, new solutions can be created that are relevant for users and enable the digital space to reach new levels.

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