How Technology and Innovation Is Making Online Gambling Better For You

Published April 15, 2023 by Shane

How Technology and Innovation Is Making Online Gambling Better For You

Technology is ever-growing, so we must embrace and change with it. Using technology in the iGaming industry can help increase the security and protection of players by encouraging safe gambling.

Technology is an element of humanity that never stops adapting, improving, and growing. We, along with technology,  have come so far that it is almost impossible not to envision the human race flying around with gravity boots or gliding over the water with a hoverboard in the near future.

Just like our aspirations and expectations for technology to develop to suit our daily needs, we must first appreciate what technology has done for us thus far. It has created ways of communication between people all over the world, enabled people to work from home, encouraged people to find help by recognising similarities in their behaviour, and so much more.

Latest And Greatest

The most recent addition to the world of technology is the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI). This groundbreaking technology can do anything from painting a picture while reading a passage, photoshopping you into a scene with your most loved celebrity, and more advanced things like facial recognition. It can also be used to change how casinos ensure that players are safe.

One of Australia's land-based casinos uses facial recognition technology through AI when people walk through the casino doors. The plan is to get ahead of problem gambling by identifying players restrained from betting websites due to gambling addiction.

Though this is not the solution, this software can certainly support safe gambling, show the iGaming industry's support of problem gambling and contribute to the cause by helping keep problem gamblers out.

The Problem Can Also Be The Solution

Since the rise of sports betting in 2018, due to the Supreme Court's decision to remove federal blanket prohibitions in New Jersey, online platforms have made it easy to access ways to bet and gamble online.

This is a great growth spurt for the iGaming industry; it means more players, punters, and profits. However, with customer growth, we can naturally expect an increase in problem gambling, mainly due to a lack of education and proper safe-gambling measures.

Gaming operators in New Jersey are working with software developers to integrate a tracking system with their platforms. This tracking system would document each time a player logs in from a certain IP address and log the amount spent on gambling sites.

While the adaption and growth of technology may have caused this surge in problem gambling, advanced technology can also be the solution. We can use the resources available to assist those players, change the statistics and encourage safer-gambling environments by accepting the changes these websites make to help our future.

Using AI To Better the iGaming Industry

AI is becoming a household name because of the diverse way in which it can be used for anything, from helping your child with homework to creating visual representations of historical events as well as an advanced way of keeping your information safe. The way we can utilise this fantastic new addition to technology is endless!

Using AI can mean a more personalised experience for the online gambling industry by tracking player behaviour to customise the online casino to each player's preferences. Another way it can benefit the industry is through customer support. A programmed bot can understand how the games work, what answers to give, and what recommendations to make. Bot-operated customer service, through AI modification, won't have players thinking twice whether they are talking to a human or not.

AI can enhance a player's gaming experience; the software can also assist in identifying problem gamblers through IP tracking, facial recognition, user-logging times, and playing patterns. This information can give problem gamblers the support they need by resourcing information and educating players.

Another important aspect is that this software is so advanced that it can dissect fraud, potential money laundering, and online hacking. AI can process a lot of information at once, so it can detect fraudulent behaviour through player-tracking and monitoring suspect behaviour like large deposits and withdrawals to flag accounts and prevent potential problems.

Go the Extra Mile For Safety

While there has been growth in the online gambling industry, land-based casinos and retail betting sites are still active members in this race. The tools to encourage safe gambling are much more limited than with online gambling; however, through the use of technology, this can change dramatically.

Safer-gambling methods are in place by limiting deposits per person, time restrictions on games or machines, and closure during certain times of the day and week. Though these are all great ways to monitor gambling behaviours, many other ways exist to increase this cause.

When companies hear the word 'technology,' they automatically think of the high expense rates that go along with it, but through simple shop modifications, this is not necessary.

An easy addition to not only safe gambling but safety and security of players and gaming machines is the installation of cameras with facial recognition technology. Devices can be linked together to ask for log-ins and track players' movements on all machines if they aren't already. Another inexpensive way to incorporate technology for safe gambling is enabling break times on machines to allow players time-outs.

Plugged In Or Out

The development of technology will happen regardless of what our feelings are towards it. It will impact our lives, our businesses, and our how we leisure. Let's see the glass as half full and appreciate all the ways in which technology can make something we enjoy even better, safer and even more fun!

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