How the Web is Transforming the Online Lottery Industry

Published December 11, 2014 by Vienne C

How the Web is Transforming the Online Lottery Industry

Whitelabel products for fast deployment are foreseen to inject a wave of energy into the online lottery affiliates market.

It’s no secret that lottery is a big industry - last year, global lottery sales hit $275 billion.  The bigger national lotteries like Powerball and Euromillions regularly roll over into tens of millions, and everyone is keen to have part of the multi-millionaire dream for just a few dollars. While for many decades, lottery was about retailers selling tickets and scratch cards at convenience stores and gas stations, the web has been transforming all this quietly and we are now increasingly buying our Euromillions tickets online.

2014 saw the boom of the online lottery market, just the results from the first quarter of the year was at a record high that has been growing at a stunning rate. From the consumer point of view, the advantages are obvious –you can buy a ticket whenever you want, wherever you are. On holiday in Ibiza? You can still buy a Powerball ticket as long as you have an internet connection. And gone too are the days of the lost lottery ticket. The digitalization means that nothing is ever lost, and your million dollar dream will not get destroyed by a washing machine.

Unsaturated Market

From a business perspective, the online lottery market has seen lots of growth but it is still relatively unsaturated. Usually running on an affiliate model, there has been a surge in sites selling lottery tickets online.  And tapping into this booming market, online lottery technologists Kootac and Lottonetix have announced that they will be joining forces to expand their position in the market.  This merger has been greeted positively with the big operators in the iGaming industry, and deals with the key players in Forex, Sports, and Casino are underway.

Both burgeoning key players in this young market, Kootac and Lottonetix have managed to establish considerable names for themselves. Lottonetix is a player in the UK market and has done an impressive job at growing UK lottery syndicates in the last three years. Shai Ben Ami, CEO of Lottonetix, said that there has been a huge surge in the interest of online lotteries, and that this partnership with Kootac will create many more business opportunities.

There is a trend in online gambling affiliates buying lottery whitelabel products, which can also be thought of a generic, out-of-the-box solution, for a quick and pain-free launch into the new market of online lottery sales. Whitelabel products come with everything in the box – payment processing, license, administrative tools – in short, the complete platform to get up and running. All that is left for the affiliate or investor to do is the branding and marketing to procure customers to their product.

Lottonetix and Kootac’s whitelabel product should seriously interest gaming operators and affiliates. Their platform boasts the shortest lead in the industry – you can be up and running in 10 days flat – and 12 languages out of the box. The platform is fully licensed, comes with payment solutions, insurance and customer support. This is a true turn-key solution that will appeal to many affiliate partners who are looking for a simple yet robust solution.

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