How to Read the Online Casino Payout Report

Published September 9, 2005 by OCR Editor

How to Read the Online Casino Payout Report

The payout rate is the amount of money that the online casino has paid to the players who have won their bets. For example, a payout rate of 97% indicates that 97% of the total amount of money that was wagered by players at the online casino, made its way

This means the online casino makes a 3% profit, which is not too shabby particularly if the total sum of money deposited by the players amounts to millions of dollars. Different online casinos boast different payout rates, so before you start playing at the online casino, it might be good idea to check out its payout rate first.

Where can you find the online casino payout rate? Most online casinos usually display a payout percentage report on their homepages. All the figures in the report pertain to what the online casino paid in the previous month. Upon a closer examination, one notices that there is an individual payout rate for each category of games played at the online casino, in addition to an overall payout rate pertaining to the overall amount of money.

What is the difference? Well, an individual payout rate of 96% for table games indicates that 96% of the money wagered by players on table games was paid out by the online casino to the winners. On the other hand, an overall payout rate of 98% suggests that 98% of the money wagered by all players (regardless of the games they played) was cashed out by players who have won.

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