How to Tell If a Payout Rate Is Accurate

Published May 25, 2005 by OCR Editor

How to Tell If a Payout Rate Is Accurate

The payout rate of an online casino can often be found on its homepage. This figure usually exceeds the 90 percentile on most online casinos.

Naturally, the higher the payout rate is, the better your chances of winning at a particular online casino are. However, how can we be sure that this figure is accurate? Much like in the game of Poker where players look for tells to get a sense of how good is the other player's hand, there are also a number of signs indicating whether or not the payout rate is accurate. Once you know what to look for, you'll be able to differentiate a reputable online casino from a questionable one.    

The first sign you need to look for is the availability of payout rates dating back several months. If you notice that the payout rate varies from month to month, it's a good indication that the figures have not been fabricated. If it stays the same or for some reason the online casino chooses not to disclose these figures, it might be a good idea to go elsewhere. The games played at the online casino are decided by a random number generator, which is why it's impossible for the payout rate to stay the same month after month.

The second thing you need to make sure of is that the payout rate is confirmed by a 3rd party auditing company such as eCOGRA or OPA. When an online casino is willing to have its financial records inspected by an auditor, it sends a clear message that it has nothing to hide. Furthermore, you can rest assure that the payout rates have been reviewed and found as authentic. You can review these authentication reports for yourself by visiting the online casino, and clicking on a certificate banner carrying the auditor's name, which can usually be found on the homepage.

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