How You Benefit from AI Transforming the Online Gambling Industry

Published June 1, 2023 by Shane

How You Benefit from AI Transforming the Online Gambling Industry

Join us as we learn how the online gambling community benefits from the advancement of AI technology and machine learning. Plus, what the future of the technology could be.

No one expected the artificial intelligence craze to sweep the world as it did. After all, various companies had been toying with virtual reality, augmented reality, the metaverse, and the blockchain, while conversations around machine learning and AI had died to a whisper.

This was because AI had been relegated to what we thought the current limits of machine learning were. On the customer front, mildly useful programs like Alexa and Siri respond to voice commands to find your songs and read a weather report. On the corporate side, technology could run calculations and review large data sets, which people would comb through and create action items.

ChatGPT (and its later iteration, ChatGPT4) changed all of that. Its active artificial assistant responded to complex queries and provided insightful, even creative, responses that met the user’s needs rather than just regurgitated sets of facts and data sheets.

Teaching People to Be Better Gamblers

Technology and development firm ARM defines AI in gaming as "responsive and adaptive video game experiences” which digitally emulate how a person would respond to any situation.

In the online gambling space, this tech is being used to develop two kinds of bots:

Training Bots

When it comes to skill-based games like poker and blackjack, players experience losses through a lack of knowledge or understanding.

AI training programs, known as bots, are being developed to guide players through the process, highlighting the odds of winning by providing live stats and insights into potential outcomes as the user makes in-game decisions.

These programs aim to train players to play the perfect version of the game to minimise risk and increase their chances of winning.

Cheating Bots

The flip side of the training bots are those used to game the system. Unscrupulous players will attach a cheating bot to their account and allow it to play for them. With AI’s computational power and deep understanding of the game rules, it plays the games on the user’s behalf.

Skill-based games allow the human player to test their mettle against their peers or the house. Using a bot is illegal and will get the player's account banned. Keep in mind that casinos are also using bots to detect fraud, so the chance of being caught cheating in this way is very high!

Creating Safer Online Gambler Experiences

Online casinos are implementing machine learning programs to help them provide their players with a safer gambling environment. While this also includes detecting fraudulent accounts, the primary focus is providing you with the best online gambling experience.

This is achieved through:

Customised Casino Gaming

At the core of any enjoyable online casino experience is access to games and experiences that resonate with the individual. With the insights available through AI, casinos are beginning to provide recommendations and suggestions that are genuinely "for you".

Based on the feedback you provide to the customer service team, the games you play the most, the features and themes you engage with the most and a myriad of other tiny variables, these systems can curate game lists and tournament schedules and even highlight specific online slot releases that it believes will be of interest to you.

This has been used well on sites like Amazon, where tools suggest ancillary products and items others bought in conjunction with what you are looking at. Only now, it is based solely on your preferences, ensuring even greater alignment and engagement.

Personalised Promotional Calendar

Not only will this deeper insight allow the site you’re gambling with to offer you gaming suggestions, but it will allow them to sift out promotions that you have no interest in and focus on those that best meet your budget and playstyle.

This will become especially important at multi-product sites with a mix of betting, poker, casino, and live dealer options for you. Rather than being bombarded with a grab bag of promotions, the AI will determine which combination of gambling products and bonus types you prefer and then present you with a customised offer tailored to your wants.

This will also include event-based offers, special times of the year (outside of your birthday) and promotions that will reward across products to encourage you to choose them as your one-stop-shop.

Excellence in Customer Service

With tools like ChatGPT allowing artificial intelligence to converse with users naturally, it has opened the door for casinos and sportsbooks to provide their customers with helpful, insightful, and personalised support around the clock.

While there will always be a need for a human operator, having chatbots and other first-point-of-contact engagements move beyond cold pre-scripted events to engaging conversations has been a game changer.

These AI chat agents are already assisting with in-game rule questions, questions around withdrawal timelines, and other topics where data sets, and rules clearly define the answers.

Far from dumbing down customer service levels, these AI assistants clear simple queries from the queue allowing the human agents to invest more time and attention into players with challenging queries that must be adequately investigated.

Mindblowing Potential for Online Casinos

We love the potential of integrating AI technology and the blockchain’s processing power to dream of what could be just over the horizon for the industry.

Here are 3 AI gaming advancements we look forward to:

  1. Your Perfect VIP Host: With Deepfake video technology, voice emulating software and ChatGPT, we could request the VIP host of our choosing and have them appear in-game. Sir Sean Connery, as is Brad Pitt, is a popular choice in our team.
  2. Our Dream Gambling Destination: With the combination of visual and video AI tools, future gambling sites could be optimised on the fly to appear as any place you can imagine. Whether you prefer a high fantasy fair or a cyberpunk casino, your gaming experience can be tailored to match.
  3. Personalised Games: With an understanding of the odds and payout calculations, AI can turn any experience into a game of chance or skill. This could see you fly fishing at a lake for prize-rich fish or racing futuristic bikes where your skill determines your chances of winning.

The world has changed thanks to blockchain and AI. Still, unlike the dystopian future that is so popular in sci-fi entertainment, the reality is far safer and more entertaining than we could ever imagine.

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