Howard Stern Turns 2000

Published May 2, 2004 by OCR Editor

Howard Stern Turns 2000

Since putting his nationally syndicated morning radio show on E! Television 10 years ago, Howard Stern has consistently made it the highest-rated show on the network.  People don't just want to hear about celebrities, adult porn stars and the clinica

When Stern's 2,000th E! episode hit earlier this year, it was an achievement marked by numerous  interviews, a few rocking bands and a multitude of exposed breasts.

How well do you know the Howard Stern Show?  Here are some fun facts and trivia about the show and some of it's past guests:

Who are the most popular guests on the Stern Show?  Pamela Anderson has graced the Howard Stern Show on E! 19 times. Other regulars include zany comedian Gilbert Gottfried (12 times) and the Oscar's own fashion critic Joan Rivers (11 times).

How many girls has Howard spanked on the show? The exact number, for those keeping count, is 33. According to E! online, Howard first tickled a girl on the show on Dec. 22, 1994, when, dressed as Santa Claus, he delivered giggling gifts to three lingerie-clad ladies.

What about Mr. Stern's devoted work to charity?  Howard and the crew have made 14 love connections between porn stars and their biggest fans over the years. For the record, 93 different porn stars have appeared on the E! show since it began in 1994.

Who was the first A-list celebrity to be featured on the show?  On June 27, 1994, Alec Baldwin slugged it out through one of Howard's invasiveness, no holds barred interviews and made it through in one piece. Nowadays, Alec's younger brother Stephen calls in to the show on a regular basis.

And finally, how many times has Robin Quivers, Howard's long time co-host, shown her boobs in the studio?  Only once, but what a magical moment it was.  

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