Huge Online Gambling Bust in Italy Linked to Mafia

Published April 5, 2016 by Sol FH

Huge Online Gambling Bust in Italy Linked to Mafia

A big win for Italian authorities, as many illegal online gambling sites, and their Mafia-linked operators go down hard.

In one of the biggest sting operations in Italian history, a major rigged online gambling operation has been broken up by Italian authorities. The illegal gambling operation was based in Salerno and prosecutors have stated that the games made it "impossible for players to make significant winnings."

The operation was wide-spread throughout Salerno and there have already been eighteen people arrested. In total, 64 suspects are still being investigated, but authorities are sure that the leader of the Mafia-linked operation is Antonio Contaldo. The 50 year old has ties to the Camorra organized crime syndicate, as well as the 'Ndrangheta based in Calabria.

Operation Jamm Jamm

The police sting was the end of a long investigation that was named "Operation Jamm Jamm." The Jamm Jamm club in San Valentino Torio was one of the facilities funded by illegal online gambling profits, which has now been seized and closed indefinitely

Illegal Online Gambling Sites

In addition to the Mafia ties, this operation had links to the "King of Slots." Luigi Tancredi has been a ringleader of illegal gambling for years who is also believed to be the owner of DollaroPoker. After his arrest in January, authorities cracked down on more than 12,000 online gaming terminals in bars, pubs and cafes across Italy

Importance of Secure Online Gambling

Could this operation have been stopped from the beginning? Probably not, but players could have easily tried to verify the trustworthiness of the brands listed above by making sure that they were all regulated and certified casinos by the Italian AAMS. If you do not do a bit of homework before gambling with your hard-earned money than this could happen again.

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