Stockholm Hosts a i-Gaming Forum at the Best Time

Published April 12, 2018 by Lee R

Stockholm Hosts a i-Gaming Forum at the Best Time

Sweden is the hot new market, and i-Forum is the place to get the early foothold.

Next week’s i-Gaming Forum 2018 in Sweden (April 18, Stockholm) could not be happening in a more appropriate place, or at a more momentous moment.   

Foothold in the Market

That’s because Sweden is getting ready to regulate: the extent to which the Swedish market is going to be “up for grabs” becomes a key topic at a time when the forging of new partnerships focussing on Sweden could not be better.

Why Sweden is Relevant

With a 2018 Parliament votes and the 2019 opening of the regulated market at the beginning of the year in Sweden, the conference stands to position all attendees for the benefits of the impending open market.


The event will take place 18 April at Bernz Berzeeli Park, Näckströmsgatan 8, 111 47 Stockholm, Sweden, in the heart of Stockholm, under the stage in the Big Hall that established Berns as “the” nightlife hub in the 1880’s. 

Outside the Box   

This conference will think outside the box in addressing such notions as what happens when a poker player using AI software is better than masters such as Stu Ungar or Phil Ivey who help design the games, with software that is most “user friendly?” or how to stay ahead of the acknowledgedly significant threats to cyber security that governments around the world are currently struggling with?

About i-Gaming Forum

For the last ten years, the i-Gaming Forum, has been offering conference programs that have been working towards creating safe, regulated and responsible gaming environments to have a dynamic and positive impact on the rapidly evolving tech world.     

Proactive Look at AI

With a further AI focus on disruptions from within the industry, the conference is looking to anticipate, identify, and tackle these challenges head on to maintain the conference’s general mission of evolving through turbulent waters by effectively blending safety and responsibility with innovation. 


The topic-packed schedule includes a CEO panel on Swedish regulation 2019 and Forward, followed by a panel on Swedish Tax and Revenue Expectations and Market Projections Based on the Danish Outcome, and a Panel on New Entrants and Incumbents--all of which should shed light on the Swedish environment—along with an industry tech panel on the eSports and Gaming Revolution, among others.


Speakers include eSports living legend Jenny Nilzon, Swedish Gambling Association CEO Frank Andersson, former world wrestling champion and game developer at 21 Heads Up Gustaf Hagman, and Leo Vegas CEO Werner Becer and Mr. Green CEO Michael Caselli.


The chance to get a foothold in the first licensed market in Sweden is plain and simple a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for operators and iGaming professionals alike.

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