ICO Moscow Accelerates the Cryptocurrency Era

Published October 15, 2017 by Lee R

ICO Moscow Accelerates the Cryptocurrency Era

Many representatives brought firsthand pioneering ICO experiences to the awaiting ears of attendees for the first time.

Initial Coin Offering enthusiasts from all over the world descended to Moscow for the first initial token offering conference ICO Moscow on September 20th.


Over 300 attendees listened to 10 Russian and foreign speakers discuss today’s ICO projects, citing specific token sale case studies to provide practical advice on ICO launching and investing.

Optimizing Tokens

A highlight presentation was delivered by Blockchain enthusiast and dual ICO book author Vladimir Popov, who discussed ways to detect and address unsuccessful tokens, while also touching upon greater ICO legal matters.   


Crowdfunding blockchain platform KICKICO Head of Marketing Yury Parsamov devoted his presentation to ICO promotion addressing well-ordered targeting to enhance effective the effectiveness of project marketing will be.

The Cryptocurrency Landscape

The founder of blockchain platform for prognostics and social researches Oris, Aleksandr Kolohmatov, spoke about the ICO project criteria for success with an analysis of the cryptocurrency market. He gave a major tip that Bitcoin will grow to $8000 by mid-December before a subsequent drop to $4700.

Mining Software

Polish crypto community representative Lukasz Zeligowski shared his ICO experience in launching mining software company easyMINE, calling for all ICO projects to be innovative in offering comprehensive solutions.   

The Asian Appeal

Rusmarketing co-owner Ilya Egorov discussed his professional ICO user acquisition experience on ICO project websites, citing Asia as a fertile source of traffic which should be ICO’s area of focus for attracting the maximum amount of investors.

Transforming into Fiat

TFH Russian Managing Consultancy Managing Partner Maxim Pervunin explained methods for transforming ICO mined cryptocurrency into fiat money, something which he cautioned was at this point not possible via Russian banks.

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