Idol Mania Flourishes

Published March 1, 2006 by OCR Editor

Idol Mania Flourishes

In addition to being the biggest show on television today, American Idol is also a huge hit at the online casino. Other than the FOX network, advertisers and corporate sponsors, the show is also generating a lot of money at gambling sites.

More than 30 million people are watching the show every week. At this stage of the competition the show airs three times a week, with yesterday's show featuring the girls and today's show focusing on the boys.

The results show will be aired tomorrow, by which time another two girls and two boys will be eliminated from the competition. Gambling sites all over the web are offering odds on each of the contestants remaining in the competition and their chances of being crowned as the next American Idol. According to odds makers of a top-ranked site, the front runner to win the competition is Ace Young with 11-4 shot. Trailing in second place is Katharine McPhee with 7-2 odds. Third in line is 16 years old Paris Bennett with 5-1 odds.

One of the crowd favorites to winning this competition is the Taylor Hicks who captivated the nation with his unique style and charisma. His performance last week was one of the best ever seen on the show. Even Simon Cowell said that Hicks has been getting a lot of positive feedback from fans of the show. Despite his enormous popularity, Hicks is tied in forth place at the online casino with Bennett sporting 5-1 odds.

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