If Spring Is the Best Season, Shouldn't It Be Celebrated?

Admin. - March 14, 2017
If Spring Is the Best Season, Shouldn't It Be Celebrated?

Spring is here and we've come up with a few more and less creative ways to enjoy the lovely season.

Spring has always been the symbol of fresh beginnings. It’s the season where all living beings start coming out of their hibernation. From fresh leaves on trees to the melting ice on the streets - it’s a season that needs to be admired.

Various cultures around the world take spring as the start of a New Year instead of our generic 1st of January due to its prosperity and happy atmosphere. So is spring your favorite season - if so how do you make the best of it.

Typically Spring is identified to begin on the 21st of March - hence most of our cycles revolves around those dates. People start planning and enjoying events outdoors, shedding their thick winter coats and opting for a more relaxed environment.

So how do you celebrate Spring?

To answer these questions we have put together a list which could be great for your own spring adventure.

1. Join In The Festivities From Around The World

One of the well known Spring festivals would be Easter, where people go on hiding goodies for children to enjoy while others enjoy a simple celebration with family, friends and good food. However, around the world there are various festivals in Spring celebrated as grand as Easter but in a different fashion. The famous Hanami festival celebrated in countries that flourish with cherry blossom celebrates beauty and nature at the same time.

On the other hand, you will also be amazed by the water festivals celebrated all around the world - especially in China, Thailand, and Myanmar. It’s celebrated to ward off all evil and bring in good luck and good fortune. While the Holi festival celebrated among the Indian culture as a symbol of happiness and light - it's a festival where you get to become a child again. You run around in neutral colored clothing and have fun throwing colors on people. It’s the one time where getting yourself covered in paint is admired instead of frowned upon.

If you’re looking for something unique and traditional - then Nowruz would be the festival for you. A spring festival celebrated mainly by Persians by incorporating resources from the land and celebrating the start of the harvest. With varieties of nuts, sweets, and dried fruit along with a huge spring cleaning- to celebrate with friends and family. Nowruz practices the art of sharing, hence it’s a common custom for one to invite and share their traditions with friends and family.

So if you find yourself in the rut during the season of blossoms then you should definitely consider taking part in one of these festivals.

2. Plan Outdoor Activities With Friends And Family

Spring is the perfect time for anyone to plan activities. It’s the perfect time to bring out that old bbq kit you’ve got in you garage and get on the phone gathering your friends and families. Having fun outdoors allows you to connect and socialize more. It rids of the hibernation attitude everyone might have developed during the cold winters.

Since spring is the harvest season - you will definitely find the freshest of produce from poultry to vegetables. This is the perfect time for an outdoor cooking session, enjoying a cold beer and having a fun time. If you and your friends are fun poker players- Spring is definitely the right time for an outdoor poker session.

With some amazing company as well as interesting bets, you can be sure to enjoy the season of blossoms with food, fun, drinks and companionship. You may never know, you might stumble upon a date to celebrate this amazing season.

3. Perfect For A Wedding Season

Statistically, Spring has been the season of weddings, lavish weddings due to its amazing scenery. Las Vegas has recorded the highest revenue during wedding sessions in the season of Spring. Due to its view and the privacy of enjoying casinos and other lavish opportunities without the overwhelming amount of people visiting during summer. Although Las Vegas has it’s attraction throughout the year - during the wedding season it usually doubles.

However, all around the world, Spring has become the symbol of marriages and holy unions. In Japan, the Sakura season offers the perfect venue for people all around the world looking for a unique venue to tie their unions together. Therefore, if you’re planning for a wedding especially during Spring, it’s best to reserve the best spots earlier in time as you wouldn’t be able to pull through a spontaneous reservation.

Therefore, this boom in the most expensive celebration has also allowed other entertainment industries to flourish. Hence if you’re looking for an amazing wedding event as well as unlimited fun then be certain that this is the perfect time of the year.

4.Travel The World On A Cheaper Season

Spring is the season where prices of flights as well as accommodation hit an all time low . Since it’s described as the start of a new fiscal session - most people around the world are working their 9-5 to make the most of the year before summer. Many assume summer is the best time to travel however most never take into consideration it’s pros&cons to traveling during summer.

During Summer most places best for traveling are usually over-populated and overwhelmed as people from all around the world are on their vacations. The majority of the flights, as well as accommodations, double in prices due to its huge demand. Hence, costs you double the amount you would’ve spent traveling in Spring. However, due to the drop of tourist after Summer and Winter - Autumn and Spring becomes cheaper to travel.As airlines offer more promotions to travel during Spring as well as accommodations offer various promotions through Groupon, AirBnB, and other travel sites.

Therefore, if you’re looking to have an adventure in Summer, it would be wiser to have the same adventure during Spring and continue you job during Summer. You might end up being perceived as a dedicated employee as well as you would be able to travel across the globe with half the price you would’ve paid during Summer.

Doesn’t this sound exciting?

In Conclusion

As spring dawns a new beginning upon us, it definitely is a sign for us to have fun, experience new beginnings and finally to travel on a worldly adventure. Why not take advantage of this season and make the best out of it?



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