Illegal Poker Game Shut Down

Published May 4, 2008 by OCR Editor

Illegal Poker Game Shut Down

Police in New York sound out a strong message to the local poker players. Gambling is STILL illegal!

A Poker game ended with the arrest of the organizer due to an undercover police operation this past Sunday in Long Island, NY. While officials recently seem to be focusing on illegal gambling slot machines, this arrest sends out a strong reminder to poker players in America that they have not been forgotten.

The arrest of the 29 year old organizer occurred after a police investigation of local illegal poker games. The police followed the trail of "breadcrumbs" all the way to the location of the game, the William Paca Lodge.

Police Reports
The operation succeeded in discovering and seizing poker tables, chips, a surveillance system, records of gambling activity and $10,000 in cash.

Suffolk County Police reported that the location hosted a range from tournaments to cash-on-the-table games consisting of approximately 25 to 35 players on a nightly basis.

But what happened to the arrested fellow?!
Charged with promoting gambling, the man arrested faces very real criminal charges. Although the charge is a misdemeanor, the arrested man will still go through the inconvenience of the legal process.

As underground poker players continue to play in discrete locations across America, officials continue to search for illegal games in order to shut them down.

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