In-depth: Exploring the Concept of Arbitrage Betting

Published August 19, 2017 by Mike P

In-depth: Exploring the Concept of Arbitrage Betting

Discover why some sports fans are using sophisticated arbitrage betting tools to cover every outcome and still earn a profit.

The average gambler is unlikely to recognise the term arbitrage, but it’s one that’s worth considering for those who are willing to put in some extra analytical work. As a concept, arbitrage is more familiar to finance professionals who look for price differentials between markets and then complete transactions to take advantage of those.

For years, there have been financiers who analyse foreign currencies, stocks, commodities, bonds, and derivatives to find an opportunity. After identifying a potential trade between markets, the financier then completes the process. Arbitrage betting is not a process of getting rich quick, as those engaging in the process are required to stump up high stakes in order to receive guaranteed gains of approximately 1%.

Covering Every Outcome

After being utilised in finance, the process of arbitrage betting is now being explored by sports bettors. These individuals will look at sports where there are a couple of outcomes. For instance, American sports like NFL and NBA rarely end in ties. The arbitrage bettor can scour the betting market to find odds that enable them to wager on both outcomes and still profit no matter the result.

Gambling operators frown upon arbitrage betting, as they don’t appreciate bettors gaming their industry. If a gambling operator identifies instances of bettors staking huge sums and covering outcomes, then there is a risk of bets being cancelled and accounts being suspended. For this reason, it’s vital for arbitrage bettors to be smart in making their decisions and to not draw too much attention.

Arbitrage Betting Tools

Fortunately, help is at hand in the form of an arbitrage betting industry where software developers are had at work trying to give gamblers extra assistance. RebelBetting is one such developer and even goes so far as to guarantee winnings for customers, but this is only made possible through the use of smart technology.

Software developers who specialise in arbitrage betting have platforms that analyse gambling operators all over the world to try and find short-term opportunities where all outcomes can be profitable with a stake. These opportunities don’t remain available for long, which is why the most successful arbitrage bettors are dependent on software tools.

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