In Favor of UIGEA

Published May 20, 2009 by OCR Editor

In Favor of UIGEA

Despite the chorus of voices being raised in favor of repealing the three-year old UIGEA bill, not everyone wants it changed.

With current focus clearly on those luminaries rallying to repeal the 2006 UIGEA bill that prevented financial service organizations accepting payment for online gambling, there are now voices being raised in support of the ban. Organizations such as Focus on the Family, a Christian body working to strengthen family bonds, have lined themselves up in full support of the anti-gambling bill.

Focusing on the Exceptions
Many anti-gambling organizations point to the fact that among the many millions of online and land-based gamblers, there are certain individuals who become addicted to gambling. Nobody in the gambling industry denies this, but they point out that the gambling addicts comprise a tiny minority of the many millions who enjoy gambling and who are not addicted to the practice.

Quantitative Difference
One other trend among opponents of legalizing Internet gambling is to claim that online gambling is more addictive than regular land-based gambling. They point to the fact that online gamblers are more likely to lose control, whereas land-based gamblers can be spotted by casino staff and asked to leave the tables.

Despite their adamant objections to online gambling, little evidence has been presented in support of the idea that online gambling is any more addictive than gambling in land-based casinos.

Wild Claims
Regardless of their differences, both supporters and objectors to UIGEA are united in their view that greater and clearer regulation of the gambling industry can only benefit the industry. However, wilder claims such as the fact that online gambling could potentially be funding terrorism do little to add credibility to the supporters of the UIGEA bill.

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