In-play Bets Prove Most Popular among Punters

Published July 6, 2015 by Amir G

In-play Bets Prove Most Popular among Punters

Data provided to OCR by bet365 Sports shows the huge popularity of in-play bets with online sports betting punters.

Interesting data regarding sports betting revenues provided to OCR by bet365 Sports shines an interesting light on the specific betting habits of sports punters. According to this data, 80% of all sports betting revenues come from in-play bets alone.

While it is known that these bets are very popular with punters, the high number remains astounding. This info pertains specifically to bet365 Sports, but it holds true across the industry as whole. This begs the question: What is it about in-play bets that makes them so popular?

Defining In-play Bets

To start things off, a simple definition of in-play bets should be laid out. Also known as "live bets" or "live betting", in-play bets are a betting activity where punters can place different types of bets on a sporting events as it unfolds on the field.

Opposed to pre-match bets where a punter estimates the result of a sports betting event with different variables before it begins, in-play bets make for a dynamic experience that shifts and changes itself according to the action taking place.

Unique Betting Experience

In-play betting gives punters better tools and chances to be equipped with an estimation of how things will turn out. For example, when in-play betting on a football match, a punter can see how a certain player is performing and place a bet according to his abilities during that specific match.

Things can get interesting in a game where a complete underdog surprises the clear favorite and turns things around, for example. Additionally, leading sportsbooks like bet365 Sports provide punters with loads of helpful info that is illustrated with nifty statistics and odds that are updated all the time - on desktop or mobile, it creates a unique betting experience.

Mobile In-play Betting

The advent of mobile devices in iGaming has also revolutionized the way sports punters watch and bet on sports. There are many instances of people who actually frequent a sporting event as viewers while placing in-play bets on their mobiles live.

Many others place in-play bets on their mobiles while watching a match in the comfort of their home or in a public place. Look for those with their heads in the phone during a joint viewing of a major football game in a pub – they're probably live betting.

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