Industry Set For Financial Rebound

Published October 23, 2005 by OCR Editor

Industry Set For Financial Rebound

Like any sector in the market, the online casino industry will see financial dips and peaks. Recent speculation about the IPO's of several well known sites and software developers have also been the source of much reporting and activity revolving around t

While stock values may appreciate and depreciate, it seems that player support is holding steady and there has been a steady growth in revenues at one online casino that reported a 32% increase in profits. This seems to indicate that despite speculation on the value of the company stock, the core business of online gambling remains profitable.

Studies indicate that online poker is perhaps the most profitable game of them all. The increased popularity of poker over the last several years has no doubt been a key factor in its profitability. From televised celebrity poker showdowns, to multi-million dollar high stakes tournaments, it seems that everyone wants a piece of the action. One site is predicting that poker gaming could results in a ten fold business growth within the next three years.

But the addition of more and more new operators into the market as well as the difficulty in holding on to old players may be the cause for some of the older, established sites to lose their grip on the market. Customer retention is the latest cause for concerns among some of the bigger operators. Dramatic moves have been made in recent days, such as the cutting off of casino skins sites, in order to hang on to existing customers. This has also resulted in the increased competition among the gambling sites.

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