International Social Games Association Announces Best Practice Principles

Published November 5, 2013 by OCR Editor

International Social Games Association Announces Best Practice Principles

Three cheers for social gaming.

The International Social Games Association (ISGA), comprised of social gaming giants Zynga, Bally Technologies and MGM, has developed and launched best practice principles for the industry. The ISGA also began a research process to assist the industry in understanding the use and impact on players who use social gaming networks.

Steps are being taken by ISGA to hold the social gaming industry to basic best practice principles that ensure consumer protection, transparency and accountability.

The social gaming industry is relatively new and with the onset of more than 300 million players, ISGA recognizes the need for responsible standards in five areas:

  • Laws and Regulations
  • Player Privacy Appropriately Managed
  • Ethical Models in Advertising Campaigns
  • Transparent Functionality
  • Responsible Treatment of Purchases and Payments

Research will Support Best Practices

In launching the research process, ISGA takes into account the cultural and social impacts of the social gaming industry, and the need to provide a safe form of entertainment. 

Social gaming will be studied from the unique perspectives of both the business and consumer sides of the industry. Developers will have a bird's eye view of the digital economy as it pertains to social gaming and be able to introduce new knowledge to players, policymakers and regulators.

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