Internet Casino Gets Outrageous

Published March 8, 2005 by OCR Editor

Internet Casino Gets Outrageous

What do grilled cheese sandwiches, religious icons, breast implants and online casinos have in comment? They are all used to gain publicity and help create a ripple effect of online casino publicity.

One online casino in particular has done a good job of attracting a lot of attention by purchasing all sorts of funny and outrageous items in an attempt to shock their way into the headlines. The old saying that no publicity is bad publicity certainly seems to be the philosophy of that online casino.

From human billboards streaking across the fields at sporting events to outrageous internet auctions, some online casinos will do anything to gain a bit of publicity and free press. One online casino went as far as paying thousands of dollars for a grilled cheese sandwich that allegedly has a picture of the virgin Mary on it. More recently this online casino jumped from the world of religious icons to the world of porn icons by making headlines once again for the purchase of a former stripper's breast implants. Cost: $17,000. Amount of free publicity from the stunt: priceless.

Sporting a 69-HH bra size before her implants were removed in 1999, Tawny Peaks decided to sell them off online using the internet auction service eBay. It's hard to imagine there were many people interested in buying used breast implants but online casino saw the opportunity to cash in on a little free publicity by paying close to $17,000 for the item. About one year ago, this same online casino paid upwards of $28,000 for a 10-year-old, partly eaten grilled cheese sandwich with an image of a religious icon on it.

When asked about the whole ordeal Peaks, now retired from the porn business, said: "It's over and I'm happy." She gained publicity in 1998 when a customer at the Diamond Dolls nightclub in Clearwater, Florida, tried to sue her claiming he was hit in the head by her breasts. The case went to the "The People's Court" television show where the judge, former New York City Mayor Ed Koch, threw the case out.

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