Intertops Player Scoops Royal Flush Jackpot on Let 'Em Ride & His Luck Continues

Published November 29, 2017 by Ivan P

Intertops Player Scoops Royal Flush Jackpot on Let 'Em Ride & His Luck Continues

A lucky Intertops player started his adventure by winning a Let 'Em Ride jackpot to the tune of almost $300k, but he didn't stop there.

Winning a big progressive jackpot is quite a task on its own, and it's something most players don't get to experience in a lifetime. But to win a big jackpot and then continue your lucky strike to more than triple the already enormous win is something else entirely. Yet, it happens on occasion, as is obvious from the curious case of one Janusz Z.

Beating the Odds

A few days ago, Janusz sat down to play one of his favorite casino poker games at Intertops Casino, called Let 'Em Ride. Let 'Em Ride is one of more popular casino poker variations, especially with players who enjoy a slower, more relaxed pace. The game is played with three player cards and two community cards, with players trying to get a pair of 10s or better for a payout.

To win the full progressive jackpot, a player needs to create a royal flush from the five card dealt. That's exactly what happened to Janusz Z., who managed to score the best possible poker hand, winning a grand total of $286,294 for his luck.

As the lucky player explained later, he enjoys playing Let 'Em Ride exactly because it is a slower and more relaxed game where you only play against the dealer and can take your time to make decisions without having to rush.

Riding the Lucky Streak

This lucky score wasn't where the story ended for Janusz, either. For most player, that would be all she wrote as they would cash out the money and enjoy their stroke of good fortune. However, he came back to the tables the next day to see if Lady Luck had more surprises in store for him.

To his surprise, wins kept piling on, and not long after starting to play, he had more than tripled the amount, ending up with more than $900,000 to his name. This isn't your everyday casino story for sure, but it goes to show you it is possible to win really big every now and then.

Intertops Casino is one of the most established names in the gaming industry, having been around since 1996, so the lucky winner has no reasons for concerns. He will be able to enjoy his massive windfall of good fortune shortly, and it is safe to assume the money will go a long way towards realizing some of those elusive dreams most of us have but never get around to making them come true.

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