Introducing bet365 Financials for Business Minds

Published May 24, 2015 by Mike P

Introducing bet365 Financials for Business Minds

You can use your business knowledge like you would for sports betting. Visit bet365 Financials for access to 15 different financial spread betting markets.

Financial betting has grown considerably in popularity, inspiring many online gambling operators to add platforms to their websites. bet365 was one of the first to host a financial betting platform alongside its various others, including casino, sports, and poker.

bet365 Financials will appeal to professionals who have an interest in financial markets and currencies from all over the world. There are 15 betting markets to choose from, including FTSE, Wall St, DAX, EUR/USD, and GBP/USD, among others.

Intro to Financial Spread Betting

Switch seamlessly between each market by using the tabs located down the left side of the financials page. Betting options can then be viewed based on moving odds or static odds. Each has a clear graph depicting the latest value of the market on which you are betting. Choices are made in a spread betting format.

Quite simply, bet365 will ask whether the value at the end of a five-minute period is higher than a displayed value. The option will be to back yes for a specified increase or no for a smaller specified increase. The page can also be adjusted to bet hourly or daily instead of just five minutes. Odds are displayed in decimal, binary, fractional, or spread.

The Benefits of Financial Betting

The appeal of betting on financial markets is that you can apply your expertise without becoming directly involved. You are simply betting on outcomes like you would on any sporting event. At no point will your actions directly influence the values of financial markets.

A proven drawback of playing the actual stock market is that you have to pay tax on your earnings. However, you can play stock markets from all over the world and leverage your knowledge to make tax-free gains. In the UK, bettors will not have to pay capital gains or stamp duty. bet365 Financials runs around the clock.

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