Iowa Race All about Casinos

Published June 26, 2002 by OCR Editor

Iowa Race All about Casinos

The race for Attorney General in Iowa has raised accusations over the handling or rather midhandling of casino tax revenues.

Rep. David Millage, Republican Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee in Iowa has accused his Democratic opponent in the race for Attorney General of mishandling a casino tax case that affected the tax revenue by $150 million.

The Supreme Court of Iowa exercised its authority over the State by declaring that racetracks should not have to pay more taxes than riverboats. A spokesman for the Attorney General's office said that Miller handled the lawsuit "completely under Iowa law and procedure for this kind of case."

Millage claimed that the Attorney General's office should have won the case against the Supreme Court and was at fault for not explaining why their should be a different tax structure for state licensed organizations.

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