Is Esports the Next Big Thing for Online Gambling?

Published August 24, 2015 by Florin P

Is Esports the Next Big Thing for Online Gambling?

The growing community of gamblers is ready to take on the new challenge of Esports betting.

Genuine gamblers will bet on any event and have no problem in wagering on competitions that are not technically linked to sports. Until recently, bookmakers have focused exclusively on the flagship competitions, popular sports and leagues. bet365 Sports went a step further and covered more obscure sports as well and it is now ready to move forward with a section dedicated to Esports gambling.

A few years ago the idea of wagering on video games looked like a bridge too far and few people were willing to bet monopoly money on these competitions. Things have changed radically and games such as Starcraft and its sequel, League of Legends or DOTA rival the popularity of football in many countries. Asian players were the ones who drove the industry forward, but as Europeans and North Americans spend more time and resources honing their skills, Esports Gambling can become the next big thing.

Esports Grow into a Billion-Dollar Industry

For more than a decade Koreans have hailed the best Starcraft players as celebrities and players from this country have dominated international competitions. League of Legends or DOTA tournaments currently draw larger crown than some of the biggest sports events, such as the World Series or the NHL and NBA finals. ESPN is broadcasting live these events and winners walk away with millions of dollars. Even US universities are paying attention to this phenomenon and some are offering scholarships to gifted players.

Entrepreneurs and people who can afford to invest millions of dollars, such as Mark Cuban, have taken notice of the rising popularity of Esports. While this is not yet a fully fledged industry, it has the potential of growing out of proportions and under the right circumstances it could one day rival fantasy sports. Those who jumped on the bandwagon early on are now reaping the benefits and it is not far-fetched to expect a similar outcome for Esports. The market is still expanding and it has plenty of room to grow.

Optimistic Forecast for Esports Gambling

It is no coincidence that bookmakers such as Bet365 Sports have embraced Esports Gambling, as the number of those betting on video games is still rising. The best case scenario is for these fans to be more numerous than those watching NFL games as soon as 2017. For the time being, it is more difficult to predict the winner in a video game competition being it Starcraft, League of Legends or DOTA. Those who also play the games have a better understanding of what happens when watching the games live.

They have a certain advantage over non-players when betting in real-time, as a single in-game mistake can trigger major and even irreversible consequences. Obviously, they are more likely to extract profits and shouldn’t have a problem in finding value in the odds offered by bookmakers. The only shortcoming is that many of those who actually play video games and know a great deal about them are not of legal age, therefore they can’t place bets legally in most countries.

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