Isle of Man’s Booming eGaming Sector Looks to be Taking Off

Published February 6, 2016 by Lee R

Isle of Man’s Booming eGaming Sector Looks to be Taking Off

The head of eGaming for the island seems perfectly fitted to manage growth and attract operators.

The Isle of Man's eGaming sector is booming, with more growth on this year's horizon as well, this according to the government's eGaming head.

Sunny Statistics

The Isle of Man Government's eGaming head Mark Robson apprised Business News that updated statistics indicate that the 12 months ahead look very promising.

The latest official statistics cover the years 2013 to 2014, and indicate that eGaming represented 16.7 per cent of the island’s total economy. Now Robson, a semiprofessional poker player in his spare time, indicates that the figure could reach 20 percent, or one fifth of the island's total economy.

Robson attributes the strength of performance to the island's regulation and player protection models, which he calls “second to none.”

Another substantial boost to the island's casino revenue economy has arrived in the form of a new company in an as yet unannounced deal whose details are imminent.

About Robson

As a poker aficionado, Robson also seems to be perfect for the job of leading the growth. He himself affirms that his experiences as “on the front line” of online gaming give him added understanding for the industry.

A Platinum level player with the MGM Casino group, Mr. Robson state his belief that his extensive experience working with gaming based private companies combined with his own passion for gaming make him particularly qualified for his government position promoting the island’s eGaming sector and attracting more companies.

Building for the Future

Robson is also versed in organizational integration into the Isle of Man's market, after having worked for a number of years on the island with software giant Microgaming.

He plans to use his contacts and industry experience to help develop this industry in the Isle of Man to attract more operators, and build a future for his family on the island which they have all come to love.


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