Jade Goddess: The Deity of MGA Games, Enters the Market with the Aim to Conquer All

Published April 23, 2023 by OCR Editor

Jade Goddess: The Deity of MGA Games, Enters the Market with the Aim to Conquer All

Step into the world of the Aztec Empire and embark on an adventure with Jade Goddess, the latest premium slot game from MGA Games. With stunning 3D graphics, localized adaptations for international markets, and the promise of great prizes, this high-volatility game is available in multiple languages and compatible with all digital formats. So unleash the ultimate divine forces of the universe and seize your chance to win big with Jade Goddess.

MGA Games, a top unique casino games developer, has released its latest premium installment, Jade Goddess, featuring a force of nature and a goddess who embodies the game's theme. This new 5-reel slot game takes players on an adventure to the distant and fabulous age of the Aztec Empire, where they can uncover great prizes hidden behind the reels of Jade's Aztec world.

Jade Goddess is a stunning game that offers a 3D style and a mythological aesthetic inspired by the sacred Jade stone of the ancient inhabitants of Mexico, which held the ultimate divine forces and powers of the universe. The game features pyramids, sphinxes, ancient coins, and other themed symbols, which immerse players in the world of the Aztec Empire.

MGA Games has invested all its experience and know-how in localizing this new release to suit various markets, including Spain, Portugal, Colombia, Holland, Italy, and other international markets, such as Latin America, Asia, and Africa. The company has adapted the voice-over recordings and language for each market. In some countries, it has collaborated with top celebrities who are well-known to the public.

Jad Goddess Gameplay Screen

Jade Goddess is a high-volatility premium product with new math, a giant reel free spins screen, new effects, and powerful prizes. The legend of a goddess inspires the game and places the Aztec myth of the Five Suns in the hands of each player, offering a unique and exciting gaming experience.

The game is available in Spanish, English, Portuguese, Italian, German, French, and Norwegian, with free spins and Wilds. It is programmed with HTML5 technology and includes a responsive design that makes it compatible with all digital formats, including mobile technology, the most valued gaming platform used by players.

Jad Goddess Wild Symbol

Jade Goddess is now available for all markets from April 24, 2023, and promises to offer players an unforgettable gaming experience. Players can dive into the world of the Aztec Empire, experience the power of the sacred Jade stone, and win big prizes. MGA Games has once again proven its expertise in creating premium iGaming products that cater to diverse markets worldwide.

About MGA Games

MGA Games is a well-known iGaming casino games designer that creates localized game productions for global and local operators. With two decades of experience in the industry, MGA Games is a leading provider of online casinos in Spain and has a strong presence in Europe and Latin America. The company's innovation and high-quality content have earned it prestigious awards, including Best Technology Provider and Best Product at the Jdigital awards. MGA Games offers over 200 exciting titles to thrill and entertain the iGaming market. 

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