Japan Debates the Prospect of Legalising Casino Resorts

Published October 23, 2016 by Mike P

Japan Debates the Prospect of Legalising Casino Resorts

Japan casino resorts could be coming to the country if the two leading political parties can agree on a casino bill.

In Japan, there is a political battle underway that will determine whether or not the county legalises land-based casinos. At present, Japan’s ruling LDP party is said to be working on the resubmission of the Bill for the Promotion of Integrated Resort Facilities, which is more widely termed as Japan’s Casino Bill.

For Japan, the legalisation of land-based casinos would give the country a means of catching up on other Asian countries that draw tourism through their high-end resorts. Macau, Singapore, South Korea, and Kuala Lumpur all depend on casino tourism to boost their revenues, and Japan could benefit if their Casino Bill passes.

Japan Casino Bill

Japan’s parliamentary setup is called the National Diet, with the current session running until late November 2016. Basically, this date represents the deadline for the LDP party to resubmit the Japan Casino Bill.

If the bill is submitted, it will likely draw opposition from the Komeito party, which is coalition setup that draws Buddhist support. When voicing its social concerns, the Komeito part has also drawn support from much of the Japanese public, with many opposed to casinos being established.

Nevertheless, the LDP party expects to eventually win support from Komeito, on the basis of tourism improving Japan’s economic prospects.

Online Gambling Prospects

The country seems to be more open when it comes to online gambling, with state lottery company Toto running games in the digital realm. Japanese people can also bet on football, horse racing, and a handful of other supports. Pachinko games are also popular, with people loving the pinball-style design and frantic gameplay.

There is less heritage, however, in online casino games. Fundamentally, the state’s residents are advised against gambling online with foreign operators, as a clear infrastructure is lacking. This being said, there appears to be stronger opposition against Japanese casinos being established in the country.

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