Jubise Casino Shuts Down Out of the Blue

Published July 13, 2016 by Florin P

Jubise Casino Shuts Down Out of the Blue

Yet another casino shuts down without any warning, spicing it up with the obligatory rushed email and zero information for affiliates. Jubise Casino ceases its operations and moves players to a new brand.

Online gamblers who have an account with Jubise Casino are in for an unpleasant surprise. The casino has announced that it had shut down and moved all players’ details and info to a casino named TTR Casino. This was done without prior warning, therefore without consent, which is in stark contrast with industry standards.

Interestingly enough, the casino is still up and running at the time of writing this article, despite members being notified about the closure of Jubise Casino. Players and affiliates were left guessing about what happens next, as they were not formally informed how the transition process will unfold. The fact that they are eligible for the TTR Casino new player bonuses is only a pale consolation for the affected players.

An Unpleasant Surprise for Jubise Casino Players

Those who are gambling at this casino were notified via email about the sudden changes. Not only was the email sent after the changes were made, but it also feels rushed and unprofessional. The author didn’t take the time to think the message through and even misspelled several words. It is only fair to assume that the recipients will get the feeling that the email was written by someone who just wanted to get it over with.

To say that this is not a professional way to conduct business would be the understatement of the day. Players who undertake research when opening an account with online casinos feel shortchanged about the transfer of accounts and personal information. A professional casino is expected to notify players and affiliates in advance and ask them if they agree to have their info moved.

Harming the Industry

It is such cases that are so toxic and harmful to the industry, and sometimes shed a negative light on how it is viewed. As we in Online Casino Reports always wish after similar occurrences, we hope that we'll stop seeing this happen so often, and if possible - at all. 

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