Juventus Spearheads the Revival of Serie A and Italian Football

Florin P. - July 29, 2018

Cristiano Ronaldo's hot transfer to Juventus could signal a revival for the Italian Serie A league and Italian Football as a whole.

Juventus are ruling the Italian first division with an iron fist and they are set to extend their dominance in the top Italian league. While there is nobody strong enough to contest them, they have higher expectations and are hungry for Champions League glory. In recent years, the team from Torino has exceeded expectations, but lost in dramatic fashion against top opponents.

To improve the odds of winning the most important European football tournament, they’ve made some big acquisitions this season. These moves are already paying off, with top bookmakers crediting Juventus with a better chance to lift the trophy 2019.

The acquisition of Cristiano Ronaldo represents an important milestone for Juventus and also a strong statement before the start of a new season. Some might consider that they took a leap of faith with the 33 years old striker, but the Italians have made a calculated decision. They’re expected to further strengthen their team, yet the transfer of the Portuguese superstar is guaranteed to outshine any future purchases.

Serie A Teams are Expected to Ramp up Spending

Real Madrid won three successive Champions League trophies with Cristiano Ronaldo in the attack and Zidane at the helm. The manager could join Juventus as a sporting director after resigning from his position at Real Madrid. Any doubts regarding the European ambitions of the Italian team will be shattered if the former French international joins the club. These big plays are also expected to provide other Italian teams with the impetus to make equally significant acquisitions.

There is already tremendous pressure on AS Roma, Inter and AC Milan to spend big on players capable of leading them to another domestic title. For Juventus rivals, winning the Italian Serie A is a big challenge and also the primary objective. There are simply too far behind the reigning champions to aspire for European glory in 2019. However, this spending spree can have a snowball effect on the entire Italian first division and end up making it more relevant.

Mourinho was the first to highlight the importance of Juventus acquiring Cristiano Ronaldo. Even without the Portuguese superstar, this football club has dominated the Italian championship. If its rivals don’t make major adjustments and start spending more on top players, they are guaranteed to sink into near irrelevance. Bayern and PSG are shining examples of football clubs who have no serious competitors in their countries. AS Roma, Inter and AC Milan simply can’t afford to succumb to the same fate.



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