Kentucky Preps for Casino Legislation

Published February 5, 2006 by OCR Editor

Kentucky Preps for Casino Legislation

Kentucky is the home of the Kentucky Derby, one of the biggest annual events in the world of gambling that takes place in the US. While the lawmakers in Kentucky are trying to push through new law reforms to support the legalization of casino gambling in

Not only would the new legislation have a direct impact on the casinos located in Kentucky but it could also have broader implications for gambling in the US and the way the sites are perceived as well.

The Kentucky Equine Education Project (KEEP) is pushing for reforms and to put legalization of gambling on the ballot and they are enjoying broad support from the horse racing industry as well. Denver Butler and David Boswell of Owensboro are two senators that are pushing to legalize online gambling in the state. Butler commented on his reasons for supporting the casino reforms bill in Kentucky: "All I'm trying to do is keep the money in Kentucky that crosses the river now."

KEEP believes that major reforms are possible but there are some that are opposed to it mostly from the religious community. The Say No To Casinos action group is pushing to reinforce a total ban on casinos and gambling in the state. Ultimately it is becoming a hot political topic and in making it a voting point, the people of the state of Kentucky will be the ones to decide. "If we put it out there and the people of the Commonwealth say we don't want it -- then we'll forget it." Says Butler.

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