KSA Funds Trio of Initiatives to Promote Safer Gambling in the Netherlands

OCR Editor. - September 23, 2023
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Kansspelautoriteit (KSA), the Netherlands' gambling authority, has taken another step towards player safety by funding three initiatives to promote safer gambling and prevent addiction.

KSA manages the Verslavingspreventiefonds (VPF), an addiction prevention fund established in 2021 through the Remote Gaming Act. The fund is fueled by an extra levy imposed on gambling operators in the Netherlands. KSA collaborates with the Health, welfare, sport, justice, and security ministries to allocate these funds effectively.

Second Safety Measure This Week

This is the second significant move by KSA this week to bolster player safety. On September 12, the regulator released a report scrutinizing ten operators' duty of care procedures. The findings indicated that players are at significant risk due to the operators' inability to monitor real-time gambling activities.

Jellinek's Gambling Addiction Training

One funded initiative comes from Jellinek, an addiction agency that had initially developed its gambling addiction training program at the Dutch market's inception. The training was devised in collaboration with the Ministry of Justice, doctors, psychologists, and mental health professionals. The fresh influx of funding from VPF will help Jellinek update its e-learning components and raise awareness about the program.

Gelfit's Financial Education Service

Another beneficiary is Gelfit, an educational service focusing on money management. The funding will assist Gelfit in creating a comprehensive guide addressing financial issues stemming from addiction, including the risks associated with gambling. Gelfit will also serve as a conduit, directing those in need toward additional help.

Bright at School's Expanded Curriculum

The Bright at School program is the third initiative led by the Trimbos Institute. Originally designed to educate students on smoking, drinking, and excessive gaming, the new funding will expand its remit to include gambling. The curriculum will now cover identifying problem gambling behavior among young people.

Collaborative Efforts

All three projects are a collaborative effort involving KSA, the Ministry of Health, welfare, and Sport, and the Ministry of Justice and Security. These initiatives are a testament to KSA's commitment to player safety and responsible gaming.

The funding for these three initiatives underscores KSA's unwavering commitment to making gambling safer in the Netherlands. By engaging multiple ministries and specialized agencies, KSA aims to address gambling-related risks and addictions comprehensively.

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