KSA Warns Holland Casino Over Database Compliance: Licence at Risk

OCR Editor. - November 20, 2023
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Holland Casino faces scrutiny from Dutch gambling regulator KSA over its control database (CDB) compliance. With a potential penalty or igaming licence withdrawal looming, the casino must address longstanding issues to meet regulatory standards and maintain its market position.

Kansspelautoriteit (KSA), the Dutch gambling regulator, has raised significant concerns about Holland Casino's adherence to igaming regulations, particularly regarding its control database (CDB). The issue, which emerged in late 2021, has seen KSA continuously urging Holland Casino to meet the necessary compliance standards mandated by Dutch law.

The Importance of Accurate CDB

Control Databases (CDBs) play a crucial role in the regulated online gambling market, storing data from various gambling activities. KSA, having access to these systems, emphasizes the importance of accurate and current data within these databases. Initially, KSA identified discrepancies in the data provided by Holland Casino's CDB, deeming it non-compliant with the set legal requirements.

Efforts to Address Compliance Shortfalls

Following KSA's initial contact in late 2021, Holland Casino tried rectifying the flagged issues. However, subsequent consultations and testing sessions by KSA in 2022 revealed ongoing challenges and unresolved problems despite Holland Casino's claims of making necessary improvements.

KSA's Binding Action and Testing Results

In response to these persisting issues, KSA granted Holland Casino a verification period in early 2023 to align its CDB with regulatory expectations. However, even after this period, KSA found errors in player data quality and data model implementation. This led to KSA's decision to impose a binding instruction on the operator, requiring Holland Casino to resolve these issues within a set timeframe.

Possible Regulatory Actions and Legal Disputes

As Holland Casino failed to complete the required improvements, KSA warned of possible regulatory actions, including penalties, administrative fines, or withdrawing its igaming license. Holland Casino responded by objecting and seeking a provisional injunction, ultimately rejected by the District Court of The Hague, thereby continuing the six-week compliance period.

Holland Casino's Stance and Future Implications

Despite the regulatory pressure, Holland Casino maintains that its CDB complies with regulations and has made several improvements based on KSA's feedback. Resolving these compliance issues is crucial for Holland Casino to retain its license and continue operations in the Dutch online gambling market. The outcome of this situation will set a precedent for regulatory compliance and operator accountability in the industry.

Ongoing Compliance Issues with Holland Casino

The standoff between Holland Casino and KSA highlights the importance of stringent regulatory compliance in the igaming sector. As Holland Casino navigates these challenges, the industry watches closely to see how this situation unfolds and what it means for the future of regulated online gambling in the Netherlands.

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