Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference Coming Next Month

Published October 7, 2018 by Mike P

Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference Coming Next Month

Coming up on 15 November 2018 will be the Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference, which is going to attract professionals from all levels of the industry.

Attendees should mark 15 November 2018 in their calendars for the forthcoming Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference. Any iGaming professionals interested in attending should note that the conference is going to be hosted at AO Event Hall, Baseyna str., 2a, Kyiv, Ukraine.

The scale of the Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference is one that can attract more than 180 experts from over 20 countries in the world. Meanwhile, the organiser is capable of promoting the conference among more than 400 events and over 400 companies that have previously worked with International Smile-Expo.

Professional Attendees

The organising company, International Smile-Expo, has arranged for iGaming professionals to attend from the Ukraine and farther afield. Some of the those professionals will be leading key discussions, while others shall be on hand to participate in the various discussions and also work on building up networking opportunities for their organisation.

The professionals expected to attend are going to provide expertise across a wide-ranging variety of skill-sets, based on the roles they inhabit within iGaming. At a glance, some of the most common examples will include the likes of gambling operators, gambling managers, affiliate programmes, affiliate networks, webmasters, SEO specialist, and various others.

Conference Topics

The Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference is equipped to cover a spread of different topics related to all sorts of professionals and companies. At a glance, some of the prospective topics would be learning how to work efficiently with affiliate networks, using arbitrage principles across social media profiles, and making content that can entertain players.

Going into the greater depth, the conference has also attempt to shed light on more complex topics of discussion. For example, this could entail figuring out how to climb to the top of iGaming niches, avoiding the threat of programed bots in online advertising, and building up segments in foreign markets.

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