Ladbrokes Joins Microgaming Network with 1Click

Published March 16, 2010 by Jessica E

Ladbrokes Joins Microgaming Network with 1Click

The trusted Ladbrokes Poker Rooms have joined in on the raucous fun with their announcement that they have fully made their move to the Microgaming Poker Network.

Microgaming, one of the leading online gaming software companies, has added yet another poker room into their family fold: Ladbrokes. They will join Betway, BetOnBet, Eurolinx, GNUF, and Unibet amongst others on the mighty Microgaming Network so says the latest press release.

According to, the Microgaming Network is the 12th largest with a seven day running average of 1,180 cash players. During a seven day cycle, their peak average of players is nearly 2,400. That's no small pocket change to Ladbroke's who already has their own fiercely loyal following but is always seeks out new and innovative ways to keep their brand name protected and bring in new players.

Even Ladbroke's Poker MD Edward Ihre rushed to reassure current players by stating that "The heart and soul of Ladbrokes Poker will remain - with some necessary enhancements to boost its vitality. As such, players can rest assured that the unrivalled security, reliability and trust that is synonymous with the Ladbrokes brand will continue to be of the utmost priority in our delivery and commitment to our customers."

Using their new 1Click Poker client, Ladbrokes aims to solve common problems new players may have when starting out; whether to use real or play money, what type of game to play and how much to buy-in for. By simply using one mouse click (hence the name of the software), the player confirms their choice and is immediately seated.

Previously, Ladbroke's with their exclusive promotions, such as the $1 Million Dollar Rake Race and Vegas Dreams with satellite entries starting at $10, has used Microgaming software as a standalone practice. Now with this move to the network itself, Ladbroke's will add their namesake to the extensive selection of poker markets utilizing Microgaming's tools and will be having even more promotions to celebrate.

Any browser, OS and interface
For the techies out there, Microgaming's 1Click Poker works on multiple web browsers. By including Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari, this means that it will install on both Mac and PC's and uses a flash interface. It provides players with an aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly interface with three simple and straight-forward questions to choose from. Even your Grandma or computer challenged parental figure can use it with ease and start playing immediately.

In an outpouring of support stated that "it is so easy to use and start playing, it fits in perfectly with Ladbroke's efforts to bring Poker to the People."

That sounds like a company I would put my faith in. Prosperous playing be with you!

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