Land Based Casinos Searching for Answers

Published December 7, 2005 by OCR Editor

Land Based Casinos Searching for Answers

Land based casinos operators are surly scratching their heads in search for answers considering the direction the gambling industry is headed towards. Most of the studies conducted these days indicate that the online casino industry only stands to grow in

This is an already multi-billion dollar industry that has generated in excess of $10 billion in revenues this year alone. How will land based casinos compensate for continually losing a portion of their profits to the hand of online casinos?

Up until ten years ago, land based casinos had dominated the gambling market. The face of the gambling industry was forever changed upon the creation of the online casino. Suddenly, land based casinos were not alone and the industry was divided into two parts consisting of offline and online gambling. Over the years, the online casino has managed to measure up to land based casinos in almost all aspects. Today, land based casinos operators have come to the realization that the online gambling is a force to be reckoned with.  

Land based casinos are the ones that introduced the concept of leisure gambling. On the other hand, the trademark of online casinos can be summarized in two words which are comfort gambling. These days, people all over the world can play casinos games from the comfort of their own home wherever and whenever they choose to. In this respect, land based casinos are at a disadvantage since not all people live in the vicinity of a casino. On the contrary, everyone with an internet connection is able to gamble at the online casino.

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