Land Based Casinos Trying to Catch Up

Published March 5, 2006 by OCR Editor

Land Based Casinos Trying to Catch Up

Ten years ago, the main grievance people had with the online gambling industry could be summarized in this sentence: why can't online casinos be more like land based casinos.

These days, the wheel has turned around and people are now wishing for land based casinos to be more like online casinos. Over the past decade, the online gambling industry has made tremendous strides when it comes to elevating the experience offered at the online casino. Other than food and drinks, there is nothing that land based casinos can offer that the online casino lacks.

To make up for the fact that it can't offer these sort of comps, the online casino makes up for it in other ways, with the most common being online casino bonuses. People tend to forget that land based casinos don't offer free gambling money. When you play at land based casinos you either place the bills that are in your pocket or convert them into chips. If you are not a high roller playing for serious dollars, you are not likely to receive free playing money from the casino, regardless of how high the stakes you are playing for.

This can't be said for the online casino where everyone is a high roller. Every player at the online casino new or existing is entitled to receive a bonus upon making a deposit into his/her account. New players get the additional treat that is referred to as the sign up bonus or welcome bonus. Also, land based casinos tend to be crowded and stuffy, while the online casino never runs out of space. So the next time you fancy placing a bet, think twice before leaving your house.

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