Las Vegas Casinos Hiding COVID-19 Numbers?

Published July 25, 2020 by Sol FH

Las Vegas Casinos Hiding COVID-19 Numbers?

Casinos are not sharing information about how many resort employees test positive for Covid-19.

Nevada-based resorts are keeping a deadly secret from the public. The actions of these casinos could cause the unnecessary spread of the novel Coronavirus to hundreds of thousands of people across the state, and millions more across the country. The resorts are not sharing information about employees that have tested positive for Covid-19.

Aileen Rotzin, an M Resort cage cashier tested positive for COVID-19 on the fourth of July. That was exactly one month after she had returned to her post at the casino. She worked very closely with coworkers despite having symptoms. Rotzin claims that the M Resort HR department instructed her to keep quiet about her test results because it was "confidential information."

“It’s just human decency, with this COVID-19, that they let other people know,” she said.

The M Resort and many other casinos in Southern Nevada have declined to share how many of their workers have tested positive for COVID-19. What is even worse is that businesses aren’t required to share this information.

Rotzin decided to do the right thing and she contacted over a dozen coworkers to plead with them to get tested. 

The M Resort is not sharing numbers but spokesman Jeff Morris says that they implement contact tracing immediately after discovering a positive case. If they find that there has been any exposure to any other employees or guests, those parties are notified immediately. 

But that is too little too late, as the Coronavirus can be spread through the air and can be spread among people that do not have any symptoms. With Vegas almost running at full steam, albeit with regulations in place, millions of Americans are at serious risk of contracting Covid-19 and spreading it even further around the country. 

Rotzin says that she is unsure if the employees she contacted have tested positive, as there have been no notices from the resort.  

“We work very close together; the cage is really small, I’m worried about them,” she said.

At the time of this article, she had not yet received a notification regarding contact tracing from the Southern Nevada Health Department. 

Rotzin is only an example, but numerous other employees at other resorts have voiced the same complaints regarding the total lack of transparency.

The decision to open land-based casino resorts in Nevada was taken quite quickly and there will be a spike in the numbers of infected in the coming days. 

At the time of this article, there were 28,597 confirmed cases of Covid-19 and 596 deaths. 

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