Latvia Introduces the Most Progressive Real Time Exclusion Model Yet for 2020

Published January 14, 2020 by Lee R

Latvia Introduces the Most Progressive Real Time Exclusion Model Yet for 2020

Latvia's bold new model could spur more investment from other regions.

A new self-exclusion scheme has been introduced in Latvia for 2020, calling for voluntary self-reporting to prohibit gambling for 12 months.

The Authority

The register will be managed under the auspices of the Lotteries and Gambling Supervisory Authority (IAUI), as established under the Gambling and Lotteries Law and going live on January 1st.


The self-exclusion applies to interactive as well as land-based gambling.

The Process

The self-exclusion process consists of a request in writing to the Latvian regulator, or in person or in writing at the gaming site.


The IAUI issued a statement on the new system, saying it sought to protect it's citizens from “excessive gambling activities” such as interactive gambling including participation in interactive lotteries, as applicable to all “statutory gambling” as well as “interactive lotteries.”

Real Time Counseling

Other protections the IAUI is using include new, state-funded psychology support, which had been consulted by at least 127 people by November, in the first four months of the program's availability.

Other Measures

In November, the Latvia Parliament further approved proposals to raise certain land-based gaming taxes as delineated in the 2020 budget, and will apply to slot machines, roulettes, cards and dice games from 1 January 2020.

The flat slot machine levies in Latvia will increase as well, from €4,164 (£3,566/$4,602) to €5,172.

Fees for operators of roulette and table games will rise to €28,080 per gaming table they operate, jumping up from the current fee of €23,400.

Increase in National Allocation

Another measure signed was to increase the amount of gambling taxes and fees to be allocated to the country's national budget, in an environment where the state currently receives 75% of these funds, while leaving 25% to municipalities that host gambling venues are located.


Latvia is looking to become a progressive model with the psychological support model and the one year exclusion program, which would help to improve the levels of those state tax takes and aid the economy as well.

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