Lee Rousso Focuses on Court Case

Published April 6, 2008 by OCR Editor

Lee Rousso Focuses on Court Case

Lee Rousso has decided to cancel his race for Washington state governor and focus on a court appearance in April to fight for your poker rights.

Shortly ahead of the court hearing scheduled for later in April, Washington state resident, attorney, and poker player Lee Rousso has dropped out of the governor's race.

Rousso has been active in challenging the state's anti gambling law as a lawyer and a well-known activist with the Poker Players Alliance, of whom he is state director.

He has challenged not only the law, but also incumbent governor Chris Gregoire, by running against him for the Democratic candidacy. He has now decided to drop out of the race, and focus instead on the law case.

See You in Court
The law in Rousso's home state makes online gambling a felony. Online Casino Reports has reported previously that "On the line is a core question for poker and online gambling, namely whether the states have the jurisdiction to intervene and regulate the games and wagering."

The hearing in court is scheduled, as of today, for April 25.

A Busy Man
Rousso has decided to drop out and focus on the case in court.

He has also decided to call off his governorship hopes since the United States Supreme Court forced changes to Washington State's election law in a recent ruling. The court has ruled that only the top vote getters of each party will meet at the state's elections, lowering his chances to reach that stage.

We wish him good luck with whatever course he chooses to follow.

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