Legal or Illegal: the struggles of Online Gambling

Published June 16, 2015 by Sol FH

Legal or Illegal: the struggles of Online Gambling

Canada and other countries are slowly going through the paces of legalizing online gambling, but some provinces and states have other plans.

Online Gambling has become the most popular form of online gaming and it can be found in hundreds of countries worldwide. Online casinos seem to popup overnight and each one offers players a real gambling experience with the chance to win big money.

Canada was one of the accepting countries when proposed with the idea of online gambling but since its beginnings, the process has been slow rolling. The biggest province population-wise in Canada, Ontario, recently approved online gambling after a prolonged amount of time, and other provinces are set to follow suit.

Alberta is an oil powerhouse with its main cities Calgary and Edmonton housing some of the biggest oil businesses on the globe. The only problem is that oil is down and the newly elected NDP (New Democratic Party) are keen on changing the economic landscape of the Rocky Mountain province. They too have been eyeing online gambling as a serious magnet for new revenue. When looking at Europe and the billions of euros spent each year at online casinos, or at states like New Jersey in the US that are able to create new charitable projects from newfound online gambling revenue, it is a topic that should be weighed in at a Federal level.

Alberta could be making a decision regarding online gambling as early as July or August. , “It’s all interim supply right now. Online gambling is probably something he will look at more closely over the summer,” related Finance Minister Joe Ceci’s Press Secretary Carolyn Gregson. The estimated $1.5 billion from gaming that streams into Alberta’s economy from gaming could get a big boost if online gambling is to be legalized considering that in British Columbia, the one online gaming website brought in $91 million.


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